Working with hepatitis B

You do not necessarily have to stop working when you have hepatitis B. When you are under treatment for this STI, it is best not to work and also not to have sex woth your own partner. This way your body gets the rest it needs to heal properly.
It can be difficult to stop entirely with work; no work means no income. Then adapt your sexual services to what is least wearily for you - massages, only hand jobs, role play or striptease.

Acute hepatitis B

• Do not have sex; no oral, vaginal or anal sex
• You can start having sex again on your doctor’s advice and following blood test results
• Arrange for your own partner to be vaccinated
• Masturbation is possible.

You are probably too sick to work.

Chronic hepatitis B

• Use a condom for oral, vaginal and anal sex
• Arrange for your own partner to be vaccinated.



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