Get well organised in sex work

Do you know your rights? How it works with paying taxes in the Netherlands? In these pages you can find basic information for sex workers from the Ministery of Social Affairs and Employment.

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This 'Prostitution well organised' website has been translated into six other languages: Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Chinese and Thai.

This website offers information about the following subjects:

  • Work
  • Social security
  • Tax issues
  • Healthy and safe work
  • Working in the prostitution sector
  • Financial issues
  • Accommodation and emergency shelter
  • Human trafficking and exploitation
  • Help in getting out of prostitution​

The Wet Regulering prostitutie en bestrijding misstanden seksbranche Act ('Regulation of Prostitution and Suppression of Abuse in the Sex Industry Act’, Wrp) has been stayed by the Senate of the States-General. The Senate has adopted a motion requesting the Minister of Security and Justice to amend the legislative proposal for the Act by deleting the prostitutes’ obligation to register and the client’s obligation to check the identity of the prostitute. The legislative proposal’s provisions providing for a uniform national licensing system for all businesses in the sex industry and the increase in the minimum age to 21 remain unchanged. This amendment of the Act will need to be submitted the House of Representatives of the States-General before it can be returned to the Senate.
More information about the Act: Government of the Netherlands 


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