Registrations and licences

To be able to work as a self-employed sex worker (prostitute) you will need licences and a registered home address

Working as a self-employed person
Are you planning to begin work as a self-employed person (and, possibly, employ sex workers)?
If so, you may need to apply for a license from your Municipality. At present, the need for a licence varies from municipality to municipality. Issuing licences enables municipalities to decide on the location of sex businesses in their region and the total number of these businesses in their region.

This may change in 2017. The Government is working on a legislative proposal for the introduction of a uniform national obligation to obtain a licence. This will be applicable to all categories of businesses in the sex industry. The objective of this new Act is to regulate prostitution and combat abuse in the sex industry.
The Act has yet to enter into force.

More information
Information in Dutch about the Wet Regulering prostitutie en bestrijding misstanden seksbranche  ('Regulation of Prostitution and Suppression of Abuse in the Sex Industry Act’).
You can ask your Municipality whether you need a licence to work as a self-employed prostitute.