Your rights and obligations

when you are self-employed in prostitution

What do you need to bear in mind if you plan to work as a self-employed person?
Are you planning to begin work as a self-employed prostitute? If so, you must observe a number of rules. You must register with the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax and Customs Administration. All you need to do is register with the Chamber of Commerce, as the Chamber will then register you with the Tax and Customs Administration. The authorities then know that you have your own business.

As you work, you pay tax on your earnings. You will need to make a number of arrangements:

  • You need a Citizen Service Number/tax and social insurance number (sofinummer). You can request this number from your Municipality. Do you have Dutch nationality? If so, your number is given on your passport, driving licence or ID
  • You also need to comply with a number special tax and social security charges rules. You must keep accurate, up-to-date accounts for the Tax and Customs Administration. You can keep your accounts or ask a bookkeeper or accountant to keep them for you – which will be wise when you don't know much about bookkeeping
  • You are required by law to store your accounts for seven years

It is recommended that you:

  • Keep daily records of the most important information about your work and earnings, for example in a cash book
  • Hire an accountant to keep your accounts

The Tax and Customs Administration has a duty to maintain confidentiality: they must treat your information confidentially.

More information
Information about paying taxes is available at the Tax and Customs Administration or call 0800 – 0543.
More information is also available from the Chamber of Commerce's website.