The brothel owner and you when you are an employee in sex work

Agreements on your work and salary
Before you begun work you must make clear agreements with the owner on what you will do and how much you will be paid. Take account of the following when you are making these agreements:
What is the owner permitted to do?

  • Insist that you observe the rules on the clothes you wear during your work.
  • Determine your duty roster (which must comply with the Working Hours Act).

What is the owner not permitted to do?

  • Send you home without pay when there are not enough clients.
  • Force you to drink alcohol or take drugs.
  • Give you jobs that are not included in your employment contract.
  • Make extra deductions from your salary without reason.
  • Keep all the money a client pays you for extra services. For this reason you need to make an agreement with the owner on the percentage you receive for extra services you provide. This agreement needs to be laid down in the employment contract.

What can you decide?

  • Who you choose as your general practitioner
  • Who you accept and who you do not accept as a client
  • What you do with the client

More information
More information about your obligations and the owner's obligations is available from:
The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment or telephone number 14 00
Prostitution and Health Centre P&G292 or telephone number 020 5318600