Your rights and obligations

when Opting-in is applicable to you in sex work

Agreements on your work and wages
Are you going to work for an owner and will structural conditionality be applicable to you? If so, before you start work you will need to reach agreements with the owner on your work and wages and have them laid down in a contract. This contract offers you additional certainly about, for example, any extra duties and how you will share the income from your work.
Before you discuss this with the owner give thought to what you want and have the owner lay the agreements down in writing.
When you make these agreements make sure that you can decide on the following:

  • the days and hours you work
  • the clothes you wear at work
  • the clients you want and what you do with them
  • who your general practitioner is and where you will have your medical examinations
  • when the owner will pay you
  • whether the owner may call you at home or send post to your home address

What can you expect from an owner?
The owner:

  • Deducts tax from all your earnings and shows you what he or she deducts. The owner gives you clear statements of your wages which show what you have earned and how much has been deducted and paid as tax and social security charges.
  • Lays down the agreements you have reached in a contract.
  • Must keep the information known to the owner – including your home address – confidential.
  • May not give you extra jobs which you don't want to do.
  • May never force you to drink alcohol or take drugs.
  • May never for you to accept clients you don't want or to provide services you don't want to provide.
  • May never force you to work without a condom.
  • May not forbid you from working for the owners of other sex businesses.
  • May not simply deduct additional amounts from your share of the income and may not deduct any amount from payments you receive from clients for extra services.
  • May not impose fines.

If the owner does not keep the agreements you have reached then you can report this to the Tax and Customs Administration. The Tax and Customs Administration will investigate your report.
As you work, you pay tax. More information about tax and what this means for you.

More information
Would you like to know more about your rights and obligations?
If so,  go to the website of the Tax and Customs Administration or call 0800 – 0543.

You can also surf to the websites below or call the following organisations:
The Prostitution Information Centre (PIC)
Prostitution and Health Centre P&G292, telephone number 020 - 5318600
The STI Aids Netherlands website for sex workers