Opting-In in sex work

Another term for opting-in is 'structural conditionality'

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When is opting-in / structural conditionality applicable to you?
Prostitutes working in the Netherlands have one of three forms of working relationship.
As a self-employed person: you do not work for the owner of a sex business, but for your own account and risk.
You work for the owner of a sex business, for example at a sex club, a massage parlour or a private home: you may then be employed, or structural conditionality (opting-in) may be applicable to you.
Structural conditionality (opting-in) is actually in between being self-employed and being employed.

What is opting-in / structural conditionality?
When structural conditionality is applicable to you then you work for the owner but you are not an employee. The owner of the sex business has concluded an agreement with the Tax and Customs Administration, whereby the owner withholds tax and social security charges from your wages and pays these deductions to the Tax and Customs Administration and the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).
This means that you don't need to make these payments yourself.

Talk to the owner about the situation at the business where you work: employment or opting-in/structural conditionality.

The following pages give more information about your rights and obligations when opting-in/structural conditionality is applicable to you.