Accommodation and emergency shelter

Do you need accommodation or emergency shelter?
Temporary accommodation is often available from organisations in your Municipality.
You can find more information on emergency and accommodation offered by one of the following agencies at the websites listed below:

  • SHOP, the Stichting Hulpverlening en Opvang Prostituees in The Hague, is a foundation which offers prostitutes assistance and shelter. Telephone: 070 – 361 47 47.
  • P&G292 does not offer emergency shelter but can refer you to agencies that do. Telephone: 020 - 5318600. Opened from 2 PM to 10 PM on working days.
  • (only in Dutch): the Salvation Army has branches in various Dutch municipalities. This organisation helps you with accommodation and debts – and listens to your worries.
  • (Fier Fryslân) Asja is a shelter in the Province of Friesland for young prostitutes of up to 23 who want to start a new life (you can call on them even when you don't live in the Province of Friesland). Telephone: 0900 – 567 56 78.
  • Humanitas Prostitutie Maatschappelijk Werk offers assistance to prostitutes in Rotterdam. Telephone: 010 – 221 17 15.
  • the Rainbow Group Foundation is based in Amsterdam and provides care and shelter to the homeless and drug addicts. Telephone: 020 – 531 76 00.
  • (only in Dutch): Scharlaken Koord is a social organisation which provides assistance to prostitutes in various cities, in particular in the areas of in prevention, street work and social work. Telephone: 020 – 622 68 97.

Are you a victim of human trafficking? If so, social workers in your town can help you get into contact with the Human Trafficking Coordination Centre (CoMensha).
This independent foundation organises the provision of shelter for victims of exploitation and human trafficking. Everything you say will be treated in confidence.
E-mail: or call: 033 – 448 11 86 (9 AM to 5 PM on Mondays to Fridays). You can obtain information in Dutch and English.