Health and STIs

Safe sex
Your health is important. Safe sex will prevent illness caused by infection with HIV or another form of sexually transmitted infection (STIs). Safe sex protects you and your sexual partner.
For this reason, make sure you always have safe sex and don’t let anyone persuade you to work without a condom: clients and owners of sex businesses may never ask you to work without a condom!

More information on health, STIs and safe sex is available from your general practitioner or a STI Centre run by the municipal health services (GGD). You can also ask the GGD for a free and anonymous test. You don't need to give your name. The results from these tests are private: you are the only person who may find out about the results.
Additional information about health and working in the prostitution sector is available at

Your rights
You have every right to healthy and safe working conditions. When you are employed by the owner of a club or an escort service then you can count on the following:

  • The operator must make sure that your working conditions are healthy and safe.
  • Your workplace must be clean and must have washing facilities with enough clean towels.
  • The owner must make sure that you are not at risk from the clients: when you work at a club you must be able to call help at your workplace and the help must come immediately. The owner of an escort business must also ensure that the workplace (at a client's home or hotel) is safe.
  • The owner must conduct a safe sex policy or, in other words, the owner does not advertise unsafe sex and allows the municipal health services (GGD) to carry out inspections.

More information and lodging a complaint
Are you employed by the owner of a sex business and do you have any questions or wish to lodge a complaint?
If so, you can contact the Inspectorate SZW. This organisation can carry out an investigation of a complaint about unhealthy or unsafe work. If you do not want an investigation then the Inspectorate will record the problem as a complaint. Keeping records of these complaints gives Inspectorate SZW a better insight into health and safety problems in the prostitution sector. The Inspectorate SZW always treats your information as confidential.
Information about lodging complaints with the Inspectorate SZW and the Inspectorate SZW's contact details.

You can also obtain advice from the municipal health services (GGD) in your region, the Prostitution Information Centre (PIC) and in Amsterdam from the Prostitution and Health Centre, P&G292