Window prostitution

The Netherlands has around 1,000 prostitution windows, which can be found in cities such as Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Leeuwarden, Utrecht, The Hague, Haarlem, Nijmegen, Groningen and Eindhoven.


The person renting out the window must have a permit from the municipality where the windows are located.
You must have a residence permit and must be 18 years or older to work behind a window.


You work as a self-employed person behind a window. You are not employed by the person renting out the window, but you rent the space, the ‘window’. You also pay for other things, such as:
• Bedding and towels
• Maintenance, gas, electricity and water
• Cleaning
• Condoms, adverts, sex toys.

Advantages of working behind a window

• You are self-employed
• You set your own prices
• You decide your working hours
• You can choose your own clients
• You decide how you secure your clients.

Disadvantages of working behind a window

• You have less direct protection
• Competition in a window area is stiff
• You are very exposed, so your family, friends and acquaintances can see you too
• Tourists see you as an interesting photo opportunity for home and for Facebook, for example.


A window costs approximately between € 80 and € 120 per session in rent. A day is divided into two or three sessions. The busier the street, the more expensive the window.
You also pay for a form of security and for practical items such as bedding. 
You set the price you charge your client. There are often guide prices for the window area.
An average price for vaginal sex and blow jobs is € 50.