Street prostitution

A pick-up area is a closed area where you are permitted to work ‘on the street’. Clients drive into the area in their cars. You service the client in his car, which is parked in a special ‘service area’ for privacy.

A pick-up area is monitored and there is a ‘lounge’. The lounge is visited regularly by a doctor, who carries out STI testing. You can buy food and drink, freshen up and have a chat with the staff.
There are four pick-up areas in the Netherlands: Arnhem, Groningen, Nijmegen and Utrecht.
​You may only work on the street in these specially designated areas.

Advantages of street prostitution

• You don’t have to pay any rent
• You keep all your earnings
• There is security in the pick-up areas
• There is always somebody nearby (social control)


You earn slightly less in a pick-up area.
Average price for blow jobs and vaginal sex is between € 35 and € 50.

Disadvantages of street prostitution

• You need to apply for a pass from the municipality to be able to work in a pick-up area
• Pick-up areas are often outside the town/city
• You are outside in all weathers
• You don’t earn as much as you would working behind a window.