Sex clubs

A sex club often has a room where clients and prostitutes can meet, chat and have a drink. 

The client then chooses one of the women and goes with her to a room.
This is different in a private house.


Sex clubs in the Netherlands must have a permit from the municipality where the club is located.
You must have a residence permit and must be 18 years or older to work in a sex club.


You work as a self-employed person in a sex club. You are not employed by the owner, but you buy the facilities that the sex club offers. The type of facility depends on the sex club. Examples include:
• The room
• Bedding and towels
• Use of swimming pool or sauna
• Advertising on the sex club’s website.
You also pay towards:
• Maintenance of the building
• Gas, electricity and water
• Cleaning.


Opting-in is a tax scheme operated by the Tax Department.
The owner of the sex club withholds the tax and national insurance contributions from your income and pays it.
This means that you don’t have to do this yourself.


There are around 400 sex clubs throughout the Netherlands. From very chic to simple.
The price you ask your client depends on what you pay for the facilities offered by the sex club. Generally, the prices in a sex club are higher than, for example, in a private house or behind the window.

Advantages of working in a sex club

• A sex club must comply with the rules; have a permit, fire safety checks and admit the community health clinic, safe sex policy
• It is a safe workplace; security and social control
• You set the price
• You work fairly anonymously.

Disadvantages of working in a sex club

• You don’t earn anything while you are waiting in the bar or lounge
• There is obvious competition with other prostitutes nearby.