Private house

In a private house, you share a lounge with colleagues. Clients don’t come into the lounge. 

You meet them in a different room. If the client choses you, you accompany him to a room in the private house. This means that you have virtually no contact with the client before you accompany him to the room.
This is different in a sex club.


Private houses in the Netherlands must have a permit from the municipality where the house is located. 
You must have a residence permit and must be 18 years or older to work in a private house.


You work as a self-employed person in a private house. You are not employed by the owner, but you rent the room you use with the client. You also need to pay for other things in a private house, such as:
• Bedding and towels
• Advertising on the website of the private house
• Maintenance, gas, electricity and water
• Cleaning.


Opting-in is a tax scheme operated by the Tax Department. The owner of the private house withholds the tax and national insurance contributions from your income and pays it.
This means that you don’t have to do this yourself.


The service provided and the exterior of a private house are often simple. The prices for blow jobs and vaginal sex are therefore lower than in a club. They vary from € 60 to € 100 for half an hour.

Advantages of working in a private house

• The atmosphere is cosy and relaxed
• You can work during the day
• In the lounge, you can watch TV, cook together or study.

Disadvantages of working in a private house

• You earn less than in a sex club
• You sometimes have to wait a long time before a client choses you
• There is obvious competition with other prostitutes nearby.