Massage parlour

In a massage parlour, you sit with colleagues in a reception area. Clients can usually ask for what they want at the counter.

The client goes with the woman who is available or he waits for a particular woman.
You need to be good at ‘ordinary’ massages and preferably know how to do specialist massages such as Reiki, Hot Stone or Tantra. 
In addition to ordinary massages, massage parlours often offer sex, for example a ‘Happy Ending’. 
You arrange this with the client.


If you have sex with a client in a massage parlour in exchange for payment, this is prostitution. Having sex is not just vaginal sex, but also:

  • Masturbation (mutual)
  • Anal fingering
  • Body-to-Body massage
  • Blow jobs


If you offer sex in a massage parlour during or after the massage, this is prostitution. The massage parlour is a sex business. This means that a permit from the municipality is required.
You must have a residence permit and must be 18 years or older.


The prices differ for each massage parlour. A price list is often clearly displayed. 
The sex on offer does not usually appear on the price list.

Advantages of working in a massage parlour

  • You’re not obliged to have sex
  • There is a great demand for erotic massage; you will have a lot of clients.

Disadvantages of working in a massage parlour

  • If the massage parlour doesn’t have a permit, you will be working illegally.
  • A good massage is physically demanding work.