Attracting clients

The internet is the way of attracting clients. There are various ways of doing this.


On the internet you can remain entirely anonymous. You use a working name, you get your clients to ring your work mobile or you use a work e-mail address. 
If you use photos, you could be recognised by family members, friends and other acquaintances outside your work as a prostitute. Bear this in mind.

Community health services and other health professionals on the internet

Nurses and social workers are also on the internet. They use escort sites such as for internet fieldwork.
If you receive an e-mail from your local community health service, it is not SPAM. The service is trying to get in contact with you via your profile on the particular site.
This is to make sure that you are aware of the STI testing in your region.

Advantages of the internet

  • You decide how and what you disclose to ‘the world’
  • You decide the hours you work and your prices
  • Adverts on profile sites are often free of charge
  • Profile sites filter out fake clients via dial-up numbers
  • An addition to your ‘usual’ workplace; a sign in your window with your website address.

Disadvantages of the internet

  • If a client can find you, so can other people
  • You need to have and make the time to update your website
  • Risk of fake appointments
  • Stiff competition on escort sites
  • It’s difficult to actually remove anything you’ve posted on the internet.