Hotel prostitution

You receive your clients in a hotel room, which you rent. 

You attract your clients via the internet, for example.
Hotel prostitution is mainly suitable if you don’t receive clients too often. Having several men in your hotel room for a whole week is very conspicuous.


Working as a prostitute from a hotel in the Netherlands is prohibited.
Hotel chains that are known as workplaces for prostitutes train their staff to recognise prostitution.
You run the risk of being caught by hotel staff, the vice squad or the tax office. If your client can find you, so can they.


Working as a prostitute from a hotel means that you are self-employed, in which case you need a permit. After all, you are attracting clients via an advert or via the internet. This is seen as ‘a business operation’.
Municipalities differ in how strict they are about issuing a permit. If you say that you work in hotels, you will not be given a permit.

Advantages of hotel prostitution

  • You earn good money
  • You are totally your own boss
  • You work anonymously
  • Opportunity to build up a regular client base.

Disadvantages of hotel prostitution

  • You pay to rent the room, which is often expensive
  • It is not always safe
  • You are working illegally
  • You have no immediate colleagues.