Sexual health as a sex worker

It is important that you look after yourself properly.
Sex work is physically demanding work as you are working with your body. You will get more clients if you look good and are well-groomed.

Occupational risks are: STI's | Vaginal infections | Pregnancy

General health advice

• Eat well and healthily
• Get enough rest
• Get enough exercise (in addition to your prostitution work)
• Consume alcohol and drugs in moderation
• Don’t smoke


Read all about STIs

If you’ve contracted an STI, there is specific advice available about working with an STI.


Make sure that you take proper precautions so that you don’t get pregnant. Use a condom and contraceptives.
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Vaginal infections

Your vagina is an important and vulnerable part of your body, sensitive to moisture, heat and tight clothing. Vaginal hygiene is even more important if you work in the sex industry. This will help prevent vaginal infections.
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