Working with gonorrhoea

The first choice of treatment is a single antibiotic injection in your buttock.

The bacteria that cause gonorrhoea are becoming increasingly resistant to many types of antibiotic. Treatment with antibiotics in tablet form is therefore no longer the first choice of treatment in the Netherlands. 

Work advice

The advice is not to have any sexual contact for one week after the injection. The best advice is not to have sex until after your check-up, but given the work you do, this could be difficult.
Not having sex means:
• No vaginal sex, with or without a condom
• Don’t allow cunnilingus to be performed on you
• Don’t allow yourself to be fingered
• Don’t allow genital contact (dry sex).

This applies to sex with clients and any partner you may have. It will give your vagina a chance to heal properly.

What can you do?

• Masturbation only.
• If you don’t have gonorrhoea in your throat, you can give your client a blow job (with a condom).

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