Working with pubic lice (crabs) or scabies

Crabs and scabies are not only contracted via sexual contact. You can also get them from clothing, bedding or mattresses.



You can treat crabs yourself with a lotion or cream available over the counter from a pharmacy. Your own partner must also be treated, even if he doesn’t have any symptoms.
Advice for working if you have crabs:
• Don’t work on the day of treatment.



Your GP or community health clinic will write you a prescription for scabies treatment.

Advice for working if you have scabies:
• Don’t work during treatment.

General advice for working if you have crabs and scabies
• Wash your clothing and bedding (at 60˚) and air your mattress and pillow
• Clothing that can’t be washed should be put in a sealed plastic bag for three days
• Make sure you are tested for other STIs.

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