Working with a fungal infection (Candida)

A fungal infection is not an STI.
A fungal infection is also known as candida or thrush.

The infection is caused by an innocent yeast in your vagina. There are often no symptoms.
A fungal infection only needs to be treated if you have symptoms.
The advice is to limit how much you work during treatment.

What can you do?

• Masturbation only
• Blow jobs with a condom.

What can't you do?

• Don’t have vaginal sex, with or without a condom
• Don’t allow cunnilingus to be performed on you
• Don’t allow yourself to be fingered
• Don’t allow genital contact (dry sex)
This applies to sex with your clients and with any partner you may have. This will give your vagina a chance to heal properly.

Take note

Vaginal creams and pessaries used to treat the fungal infection often contain grease or oil.
This can cause the condom to split.

Brochure on vaginal hygiene