Representation and networks

Sex workers have organised themselves in the Netherlands and globally to fight for their rights and to combat discrimination.

National Assocation for Sex Workers - PROUD

PROUD is an association, and organisation with members. Only (former) sex workers can become a member. Members decide what the goals and values are of PROUD, through the General Members Meetings (ALV) and through other meetings and online consultation.
PROUD’s board makes a strategy based on what members want. The board represents the association, does the financial administration and makes the day-to-day decisions. The board is held accountable by members at the General Members Meeting, discusses plans and decisions with active members and asks for advice of members online.
The board assigns projects to volunteers and consultants. They execute PROUD’s plans. When a consultant is hired, PROUDmembers are preferred candidates.

Globally - NSWP

In many countries where prostitution is prohibited, the human rights of prostitutes are regularly violated. Violence by the police, clients and citizens and the refusal of medical assistance by doctors and nurses are regular occurrences.
Self-organisations and other action groups play an important role in exposing these abuses.

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) is the global network and most local and regional organisations are members. NSWP conducts research and undertakes political lobbying for human rights for sex workers, violence and health.

International projects

The Soa Aids Nederland prostitution team works closely with various local sex worker networks all over the world.
Stepping Up, Stepping Out (SUSO)
Bridging the Gaps