Do you own a sex club, window brothel or another sex business?

On this page you can find information about your responsabilities for the working conditions and hygiene in your business. When you arrange this well, it improves the working environment, making it easy to work safely and your business is appealing to prostitutes and their clients.

Hygiene regulations for sex businesses

The workspaces in the prostitution business must meet hygiene requirements. Set by the government, these requirements apply to sex clubs, brothels, windows and massage parlours.
Check ARBO regulations (only in Dutch).

Basis recommendations

• A washing facility with hot and cold running water in every room
• Soap dispenser in any sink
• Waste from the company stowed away in sealed garbage bags every day
• Availability of a first aid kit approved by a medical authority
• Sufficient clean bedding and towels available
• Changing bed towel after each client
• Routine cleaning of hot tubs
• Linnen / towels wash at 80 degrees
• Ventilation of the spaces

Safe sex policy

Offering safe sex only is a good business standard.
Using a condom for intercourse and oral sex is safest for both prostitutes and clients. This is of direct influence to the success of your business. 
After all, you want the people in your company to stay healthy.

Your duties

As an operator of a sex business you need to abide by certain rules. These are clearly described on this website in the section ‘Well Organised’.
Amongst others, you can find information about your obligations in salaried employment, but also the tax rule 'Opting-in'.


The National Centre for Hygiene and Safety (LCHV) has established guidelines that a prostitution business must meet (only in Dutch)
Checklist (only in Dutch - 2013) to make sure that your company meets all the guidelines
Guidelines for sex businesses (with update 2016 - only in Dutch).