Male prostitution

The same safe sex advice applies as for female prostitutes:

Always use a condom and lubricant when you have sex and when you give or receive a blow job. Get tested for STIs four times a year. This is how you have the safest sex.


  • Take measures for your personal safety and trust your intuition
  • If the contact or arrangement doesn’t feel right? Leave!
  • Always ensure that somebody knows where you are and who you are with.

Internet escort

Male prostitutes attract clients primarily via the internet. There is little difference in the working method between male and female prostitutes.
Well-known escort and other sites where you can create a profile include and
As a man, you can also create a profile on

Personal website

If you have your own website, you can post exactly what you want about your services. You decide whether to post a photo or video.
If you also have profiles on escort sites or chat sites, you can advertise your services and post a link to your own website.

Escort agency and sex club

Escort agency
There are lots of escort agencies where you can register as a male prostitute.
Attracting clients and working via an escort agency is not that different from female prostitution.

Sex club
There is only one sex club for men in the Netherlands: Boysclub21 in Amsterdam.

More information

The street - Cruising

Street prostitution is prohibited, including for men. This means you can’t offer sex in exchange for money at stations, on ‘the street’ and in other cruising areas. You can be arrested for this.

You have little protection in a cruising area. Men are also looking for free sex. It is difficult to decipher who is a client and who isn’t. If anything happens (robbery, assault, rape), it is difficult to go to the police because you’ve broken the law, too.
But always go to the police if this happens to you.