Prostitution is a profession

STIs are an occupational hazard when sexual services are offered. Not being difficult about using a condom means that as a client you respect that sexual services have boundaries.

Always use a condom when you have vaginal sex and also when receiving a blow job.

Code of conduct

As a client of a prostitute, stick to a code of conduct.
Call it the 10 Golden Rules!

  • Use a condom!
  • Make proper arrangements
  • Respect the boundaries of the prostitute
  • Pay what is asked and don’t haggle
  • Don’t play off prostitutes against one another
  • Make sure you are clean and respectful
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol
  • Be relaxed
  • Expect disappointments
  • Don’t cause a public nuisance

It is also important that you avoid situations in which a person is not working voluntarily. Always report this to: