Sex work, sex & STIs

You don't want to get an STI during your work. Therefore always protect yourself by using a condom for vaginal, anal and oral sex. On this page you can find information about proper condom use, what to do when a condom breaks and information about STI-tests.

Proper use of a condom

Prevent a condom from splitting by learning how to put it on properly.
​Practice makes perfect!

When working as a prostitute, make sure that you pay extra attention to the following:
Roll the condom over the penis and take care if you have long nails
• Use a fresh condom for each sex act
• Change the condom after having sex for 15 minutes
• Always use lubricants and use extra lubricant for anal sex.

After a torn condom

• Don’t panic!
• Got to the toilet and make sure you empty your bladder
• Wash your vagina externally with lukewarm water
• Arrange to be tested for chlamydia and gonorrhoea after two weeks
• Visit your doctor beforehand if you experience any symptoms
• Take the morning-after pill as quickly as possible if you are not using contraception.


Applying condom with your mouth

  • Pout your lips
  • Take the tip (reservoir) of the condom into your mouth. Hold the tip between your tongue and your palate. Don't use your teeth!
  • Put your mouth, with the condom in it, around the head of the erect penis.
  • Let go of the tip en push the edge of the condom a little bit down with your lips. Roll the condom further down with your mouth.
  • From this moment on you can use your hands. Rolling down the condom completely with your mouth can be difficult.
  • Practice makes ... a very satisfied client!


A torn condom could mean a risk of hiv, although the likelihood is not big.
Visit your local community health service (GGD) for a proper risk assessment. There may be a reason to treat you with anti-hiv drugs – PEP.