Prostitution Act & Taxes

Regulating prostitution and abuses in the sex industry

Prostitution regulation Act

The Senate (Eerste Kamer) of the Dutch parliament has asked the government to remove from the Prostitution Act the obligation to register for sex workers and the duty to ascertain for clients.
The Strik motion was adopted on Monday, 8 July 2013. Of the three-way permit system, including the obligation to register and duty to ascertain, only the permit obligation remains.

Obligation to register and duty to ascertain
Soa Aids Nederland is pleased that the two controversial measures have been removed from the legislation. The measures have led to non-registered prostitutes working on the illegal circuit, which means that they cannot be contacted by health workers. What’s more, the obligation to register is not a watertight mechanism against human trafficking.

Permit system good idea
Soa Aids Nederland supports a uniform permit policy. We believe that more permits should be issued to ensure that there are enough workplaces for prostitutes. The shortage of workplaces means that prostitutes are too dependent on operators.

Obligation to register at municipality level
Although there will not be a national obligation to register, municipalities do, however, have the freedom to introduce their own registration process for prostitutes. Individual municipalities can decide to introduce an obligation to register on the grounds of general municipal by-laws. This is an administrative tool and is not governed by criminal law as in the Bill. It is a matter of concern how the registration information will be passed on to the police. Prostitutes do not generally know what personal information is being passed on to the police.

Taxes for Sex Workers

The Prostitution information Centre (PIC) in the Red Light District of Amsterdam is the homebase of PROUD, the Organization for Sex Workers in the Netherlands:
PIC developed a Newsletter about Taxes for sex workers. In English, Spanish, Romanian and Bulgarian.











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