Information for patients

Are you HIV-positive? Is it difficult for you to talk about? But do you want to?

Do you struggle to continue the HIV treatment? Are you worried about other people finding out that you are HIV-positive?


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Do you want to talk with someone who is also HIV-positive?

You are not alone. In the Netherlands, like you, many people are living with HIV. The project Positieve Krachten Bundelen (PKB) can link you to a man or a woman who is also HIV-positive, who speaks your language and who is familiar with different cultures. A person who is living with HIV really understands your feelings. With your ‘buddy‘ you can talk about your experiences within your community, the HIV-related taboos and the stigma. You can also talk about your fears, anger and sadness.


Your buddy can help you to make HIV and the treatment part of your life. You can meet your buddy in a public place, or only talk on the phone – whatever you like. Your talks are confidential.

Do you want to continue your treatment?


A volunteer wants to help you. The coordinator of the PKB project links you to a buddy who, like yourself, is familiar with living with HIV, who understands your situation and wants to help you to handle this as best as you can. Your buddy knows that, as long as you get treatment, you can live a healthy life, you can work and have fun. But, sometimes, you are not able to take your medicines, or you miss your appointment in the hospital. And you want to hide the fact that you are living with HIV from other people.

Your buddy will help you to continue  your treatment. If you want, she or he will accompany you to the hospital. Volunteers receive special training.


Do you want to be linked to a buddy?


The PKB project coordinator can link you to a volunteer, free of charge.


  • Ask your doctor or HIV nurse for a referral to the PKB project.
  • During a talk with the coordinator, you can express your wishes. Do you only want to talk on the phone or chat via WhatsApp? Do you want your volunteer to accompany you to the hospital? You decide.
  • The coordinator links you to a matching buddy.