At home

You receive your clients in your own home.

You attract clients via the internet, for example. 
Receiving clients at home is mainly suitable if you don’t do it very often, e.g. two to three clients a week. It may be conspicuous if lots of men ring your doorbell.

There are risks associated with receiving men in your own home. You don’t work with colleagues. You don’t know what new clients are like.
Two ways of ensuring your safety:

  • Make sure that there is somebody at home when you receive a client. This person can intervene if necessary.
  • Never give out your full address straight away, just give a specific landmark in the neighbourhood. If your client can describe the landmark, direct him to your address.


If you receive clients at home, you are self-employed. But nowadays you also need a permit because you are attracting clients via an advert or via the internet. This is seen as ‘a business operation’.
Municipalities differ in how strict they are about issuing permits.
If you apply for a permit to receive clients at home or to run a ‘sex business’ in a residential house in a residential neighbourhood, you don’t stand much chance of being issued with a permit.


You decide what you want to earn.
There is a huge difference in the prices for receiving clients at home; from € 50 for half an hour to well over € 100 an hour.

Advantages of receiving clients at home

  • You are totally your own boss
  • You don’t have to rent any workspace
  • You don’t have any travelling time or travel expenses
  • You can build up a regular client base.

Disadvantages of receiving clients at home

  • You are allowing a stranger into your house
  • There may be a negative reaction from the neighbourhood
  • If you rent your house, your landlord may make things difficult for you
  • You don’t have any colleagues nearby