Vaginal infections

Your vagina is an important and vulnerable part of your body, sensitive to moisture, heat and tight clothing. 

Vaginal hygiene is even more important if you work in the sex industry. This will help prevent vaginal infections.
The most common vaginal infections are:
• Fungal infection or Candida
​• Bacterial vaginosis

Acidity (pH)

Bacteria live in your vagina. This is completely normal. They play a role in maintaining the pH level in your vagina.
This is an important defence against the bacteria that don’t belong in your vagina.

Vaginal hygiene

• Don’t use soap, products that contain soap or commercial products
• Wash your vagina with lukewarm water only
• Don’t use a vaginal douche
• Don’t wash your vagina after each client
• Don’t dry yourself too roughly
• Use lubricants that don’t contain Nonoxynol-9
• Use a condom.