Illegal immigrants

Everybody in the Netherlands is entitled to medically necessary care. This is all the care that a doctor considers necessary, so not just in life-threatening situations. Read about the options and your entitlements to healthcare.

No residence permit, still entitled to medically necessary care

If you are living in the Netherlands without a valid residence permit, you can’t take out health insurance. You are, however, entitled to medically necessary care, even if you can’t pay for it. You will first of all be asked to pay the costs yourself. If this is not possible, discuss it with the doctor. It may be possible to arrange a payment plan or the health provider can recover the costs from the National Health Care Institute.


No residence permit, still possible to be tested for HIV or an STI

If you don’t have a residence permit, you can still visit your GP or a community health clinic for an HIV or STI test.

If you can’t be tested by your GP or community health clinic for whatever reason, you can attend a consultation at Dokters van de Wereld (Doctors of the World) in Amsterdam or The Hague. 

Dokters van de Wereld has a variety of information for undocumented migrants, including an information leaflet in various languages and the information film ‘Looking for healthcare without papers’. The film depicts scenes at the GP, in a hospital land at the chemist.



Are you in the Netherlands without a valid residence permit and do you have any non-medical questions or need support? Organisations that may be able to assist you include:

Access to HIV and STI care

Not all care providers are up to date with what HIV and STI care can or should be provided to uninsurable foreign nationals in the Netherlands. A report is available with information about how to access healthcare in general and HIV and STI care in particular in the Netherlands. Tell your doctor or nurse about this report.