Asylum seekers

Would you like to know how medical care is provided for asylum seekers? And what you should do if your request for asylum is granted?

Entitlement to medically necessary care

In the Netherlands, everybody is entitled to medically necessary care, which is all the care that a doctor considers necessary, so not just in life-threatening situations.


Healthcare for asylum seekers

Healthcare for all asylum seekers in the Netherlands is organised via the Health Centre for Asylum Seekers (GC A). You can contact the centre for an STI or HIV test. You can make an appointment with a GP via the GC A Practice Line. If you have HIV or another STI, your treatment comes under medically necessary care.

Great diversity

If you come to the Netherlands as an asylum seeker, you will encounter many new things. Often, you won’t speak the language. You’re not familiar with the Dutch culture and don’t know how the healthcare system works. At the asylum seeker centre you will come into contact with many different asylum seekers from a variety of countries. In your home country, there may be entirely different opinions about relationships and sexuality.

Request approved?

Has your request for asylum been approved and do you have permission to stay in the Netherlands? If so, your situation will change and you must take out health insurance. It is important to know how the healthcare system works.

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You may come from a country with high rates of HIV. It is important that you are aware of your HIV status. HIV is treatable with medication, particularly if you receive an early diagnosis.



Have you fled because of your homosexual orientation? In practice, many asylum seekers who have fled to the Netherlands because of their sexual orientation also encounter lots of problems in asylum centres. This is because homosexuality is a difficult or unknown issue for many other asylum seekers.


The Cocktail project run by COC Midden-Nederland aims to break the isolation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers and refugees and introduce them safely into the Dutch LGBT community.