Support for people with HIV

A number of organisations in the Netherlands provides support for people with HIV. The main organisations are:

Dutch HIV Association

The Dutch HIV Association (Hiv Vereniging Nederland, HVN) acts on behalf of people in the Netherlands who live with HIV. The association stands up for the rights of people with HIV, provides information and offers mutual support and interpersonal contact. It organises meetings and produces information materials on various topics, such as living and working with HIV. The HVN offers a buddy network for Spanish and Portuguese speaking people with HIV in the Netherlands, called Buddyzorg Positivo.

Servicepunt: 020 6892577

The Servicepunt is available in case of any questions you may have about living with HIV, interpersonal contact, and the HVN. You can reach them on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. Calls are confidential and can remain anonymous, if requested. Most telephone operators at the Servicepunt are HIV-positive themselves.

Individual Assistance

Through the Individual Assistance programme of the Aids Fonds people with HIV in the Netherlands who have a low income can make an appeal to financial assistance.

The Aids Fonds provides funding for (scientific) research, campaigns for removing prejudices about HIV and supports people with HIV. The Aids Fonds works both nationally and internationally.


AIDS STI Infoline: 0900 2042040 (10 cents per minute)

The AIDS STI Infoline is available in case of any questions about safe sex, STIs, contraception, and sexual health. This infoline has already been giving expert information, advice and counselling for 30 years.


picture ShivA hands

ShivA is a foundation that is independent from churches or other religious institutions. ShivA is the abbreviation of spirituality, HIV and AIDS and is available for everyone who is in some way involved with HIV and AIDS. ShivA offers counselling and activities to people with HIV and AIDS, their partners, friends and family members regarding:

  • the meaning of life
  • spirituality and religion
  • old rituals and own rituals

Positive Sisters: Caribbean and African women with HIV who support each other

Are you a woman from Africa or the Caribbean and have you just heard that you are HIV-positive? Do you have questions and insecurities and do you feel that you are the only one? Then please contact ShivA’s Positive Sisters project.

A ‘positive sister’ is an African or Caribbean woman with HIV. She is trained in supporting other HIV-positive women with the same cultural background in learning how to live with HIV. Positive Sisters organises training sessions and weekends. Dozens of HIV-positive women have improved their attitude toward life through this project.


Other organisations:

  • Positive Women of the World (PWW)
    PWW offers practical help for pregnant women with HIV
  • NOPPAL (Noordelijk Platform voor Positieve Allochtonen) 
    NOPPAL is a platform for immigrants with HIV living in the northern provinces Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe
  • Positieve Krachten Bundelen Rotterdam (Joining Positive Forces)

hello gorgeous

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hello gorgeous is a Dutch magazine about HIV that aims to put aside the prejudices and break the (self-)stigma about HIV.