Healthcare in The Netherlands

How does the healthcare system work in the Netherlands? And what should I do if I have HIV?

If you have HIV

If an HIV test reveals that you have HIV, you will be referred to a specialist in internal medicine at an HIV treatment centre at a hospital. In the Netherlands, 26 hospitals and four paediatric hospitals have been designated as treatment centres specialising in the treatment and care of people with HIV. Nurses such as HIV/AIDS nursing specialists, also referred to as HIV specialist nurses, work at these hospitals.


HIV specialist nurse

You will be treated by a specialist in internal medicine and will be assigned an HIV specialist nurse. The specialist in internal medicine concentrates on the medical aspect of HIV, whereas the HIV specialist nurse is mainly there to provide psychosocial assistance and support. The doctor and the HIV specialist nurse in the hospital will tell you more about the treatment of HIV with HIV inhibitors. It is important to start taking medication as early as possible, so that your immune system (health) stays as healthy as possible. HIV is a chronic illness.

Here you will find information on:

  • various healthcare providers

  • healthcare costs and health insurence

  • right to clear information and an interpreter

  • asylum seekers and people without a residence permit

  • report on access to HIV and STI treatment



Information on your rights and duties as an employee

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Are you forced to call in sick due to HIV related health problems? This might bring up questions concerning your position, social benefits and conditions of employment. The app. ‘Denkhulp voor chronisch zieken’ helps you in answering questions you might have.