Healthy life with HIV

Five people are telling about their life with HIV. And five people close to them tell their story. Watch the 10 videos.

Nowadays one can have a healthy life with HIV. Specially when you know it at an early stage and take your HIV medication consistently. These pills prevent you from getting sick. There’s clear evidence that the pills work best if you start early so you can have a long healthy life. However, many people do not have a realistic image when thinking of people living with HIV. Especially people from ethnic minority backgrounds think of people who are all skin and bones leading a hard life. This outdated image contributes to the fear and taboo that surround HIV. High time to present a realistic picture of people living with HIV.

Gloria: Life with HIV can be very beautiful

Gloria's daughter Sigourney: Make HIV a subject of discussion

Amanda: HIV does not define me at all

Dolapo: Sometimes I forget Amanda has HIV

James: My HIV specialist nurse Hans is the only one who knows that I am HIV-positive

HIV specialist nurse Hans: You are not alone!

Liako: I can still have children, even though I have HIV

Dion: We enjoy each other’s company more intensely

Pablo: There is still a stigma around HIV, also within the gay community

Ricardo: I am very proud of my cousin Pablo!