Free hepatitis B vaccination for sex workers

Hepatitis B is a serious infection of the liver. Hepatitis B is caused by a virus; it enters and damages the liver cells. You can easily prevent getting hepatitis B by having yourself vaccinated. For free!

Vaccination is the only way to protect yourself for 100%. After three injections, with pauzes in between, you are safe for the rest of your life. So, it is very important to get all three shots!
You don't have to get all three vaccinations at the same STI-clinic or GGD. For instance, if you get the first in Utrecht, you can get the second and third in the STI centre in Haarlem. No problem.
It is also possible to get your free vaccination at your family doctor ('huisarts'). 

  • The hepatitis B-vaccin is a chemical substance, it is a fake virus
  • It is not a living virus
  • You get three injections, with some months in between; zero, one month and six months
  • After the third injection you will be protected agains hepatitis B for the rest of your life
  • The shot is given in your upper arm
  • Some people experience itchiness, redness or swelling, but mostly there are no side effects
  • If you are pregnant, it is still possible to get vaccinated.

Clients of prostitutes can also get vaccinated, but for this group it is not for free - costs are around € 130.00.

Everything you need to know about hepatitis B!