Sexual health

Safer sex actually begins by talking about it. Both with casual sex partners and a regular partner. Avoid going beyond your own limits. And learn to discuss your own desires.

Talking about condoms

There are many conceivable reasons for unprotected sex:

  • You do not dare to raise the subject of condoms
  • You do not want to kill ‘the moment’
  • You want to wait for your partner to raise the subject of condoms
  • You think that you and your sexual partner do not have an STI

The problem: You run the risk of an STI or unwanted pregnancy.

Tips on how to talk about safer sex:

  • Do not wait until the last moment. Think beforehand about how and when you are going to raise the subject of condoms
  • Be honest. You do not want to get an STI. Even though you trust the other person
  • Be clear. Say that you only do it with a condom
  • Don’t talk, do. Grab a condom and put it on yourself or your partner.
  • Here’s how to stop using condoms in a permanent relationship