Safer sex

What is safer sex?

STIs are mainly transmitted through sperm, vaginal discharge and contact between mucus membranes. Safer sex protects you against STIs. You have safer sex:

  • If you and your regular partner never have sex with someone else and neither of you have an STI
  • By caressing, kissing, tongue kissing, cuddling, masturbating or getting each other off by hand
  • If you use a condom for vaginal sex (penis in the vagina)
  • If you use a condom and lots of lubricant for anal sex (penis in the anus)
  • If you use a condom for oral sex
  • If you use a dental dam (or condom that’s been cut open) for cunnilingus or rimming

What is unprotected sex?

Sex without a condom always carries the risk of an STI or unwanted pregnancy. A list of the most common risks with various sexual acts.