Types and sizes of condoms

Approved condoms are safer for vaginal and anal sex. A safer condom can be recognised by the CE logo on the packaging. Most condoms are made of latex (rubber) and are available in many types and sizes. The standard size is suitable for most men. If however, a condom is too tight or too loose, you can get condoms that fit better. Apart from basic condoms, there are:

  • Synthetic condoms if you are allergic to latex
  • Flavoured (and coloured) condoms for oral sex
  • Ribbed and studded condoms for extra stimulation
  • Extra-thin condoms for greater sensitivity
  • Condoms with a special gel (tingling, warm, orgasm-delaying)

Female condoms

A female condom is made of plastic with two flexible rubber rings. The smaller ring is inserted deep into the vagina until it reaches the cervix, the larger ring hangs just outside the vulva.