Pubic lice

Public lice, or crabs, are parasites that live off human blood. They are mostly transmitted through bodily contact. Since many people shave their pubic hair, pubic lice are increasingly less common. Pubic lice are easy to cure.


You can identify pubic lice easily yourself. They look like tiny crabs. Visible bumps on the pubic hairs are the lice’s eggs or nits. Pubic lice are one to three millimetres in size. Lice bites can cause grey-blue patches on the skin. Red or brown patches on underwear are the lice’s excrement.


  • Persistent itching
  • Tiny wounds or irritable skin due to crabs
  • Tiny creatures on the hair around the genitals and anus
  • Grey-blue patches on the skin

How do I get rid of them?

Pubic lice are easy to treat with a special lotion that you can get without a prescription at a pharmacy or chemist. Apply the lotion to the pubic hair, hair on the inner thigh and any affected hair. Twelve hours later the lice will all be dead. You can treat lice in the eyelashes by smearing the lashes with vaseline twice a day for ten days.


  • Apply a special anti-lice lotion to the pubic hair
  • Treat lice in the eyelashes with vaseline for ten days
  • Wash clothing and bed linen at 60° C at least
  • Notify your partners from the last two months. Partners should also be treated, even if they have no symptoms
  • If necessary, repeat the treatment after a week
  • If you get pubic lice through sexual contact, have an STI test as well