Soa-test niet langer gratis voor bezoekers prostituees Met ingang nieuwe regeling ASG
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All about prostitution in the Netherlands

Information for women and men that work in prostitution. About free STI-testing, free hepatitis B vaccination and working safe.

Information for others

Other interested parties can find information here:
Clients of prostitutes
Operators (i.e. brothel owners, window landlords)
• Health workers
• Students
• The press

For (health) professionals

Specific information about  internet outreach for community health clinic nurses and doctors, social workers and prevention workers is available on Soa Aids Nederland’s website for professionals.

We use the term prostitute, which includes both male and female prostitutes.
Furthermore we choose to use the terms prostitute/prostitution in stead of the better terms sex worker/sex work. This choice is based on our wish to be optimally found on the internet.

Do you have any questions about prostitution?